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An Exciting Rebrand For Sugarlash

Courtney called us all the way from Edmonton, Canada to talk about an exciting new rebrand for her company Sugarlash. The company was created after setting up her own ‘Lash Lounge’ called Lash Affair and really struggled to find the right products for her clients. Courtney has sourced and worked with manufacturers to develop a full range from lashes to the adhesives and tools.

Another passion for Courtney was the training side of the business and so as part of the service they provide they will also run training courses with salons on how to achieve the best results, and provide technician education to assist with growth and safer practices

We are also working with Courtney on the full packaging range alongside a friend who has developed beautiful illustrations to compliment the brand identity. This is a really exciting time for us for us as Courtney has huge plans for the brand, and to see our hard work on the department store shelves will be incredibly rewarding!

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