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Poppy Loves Gets A Makeover

From finding the most amazing hidden restaurants to discovering the latest designer Poppy is the girl to go to in London. Poppy Loves is one of the most successful London lifestyle blogs out there and we were chuffed when she came in to chat about us giving her a new look! Poppy is also the lifestyle editor of Blogosphere Magazine so keeps herself very busy whilst writing this eclectic blog full of very inspiring and interesting articles. Its a great read!
Beautiful Blogs

Beautiful Blogs!

Here at Flourish we love a good blog! We love reading them, we love designing them, and we love finding new ways in which to present them! It's not often that we come across something that wows and amazes us quite so much, but this was something that we had never seen before! 15 Days in Japan has made the whole blog experience one of simplicity and beauty. With much of the focus on the images rather than the content, this makes for a truly inspiring visit. Each day has a clearly defined
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Seven inspiring wedding & lifestyle photographer’s blogs

Glad to see that you found my first list of inspiring blogs useful. As a designer I always find looking at blog designs inspiring, and where better than a photographer's blog? All those gorgeous images to drool over! So here's my top seven. Matt Pereira, of course, how could I not put Matt's beautifully designed and photographed blog in my list? The wide column shows off the shots perfectly. And I love the textures and tones in the background that seem to complement his work so well. Jasmine
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Six gorgeous homely blogs for all things craft, decoration and food

In preparation for next week's blogging workshop with The Bookwright, Tom Evans, I'll be posting a series of some of my favourite blogs over the next few days. And first up, what better than some of my favourite hobbies: crafting, cooking and homemaking. I should come clean right now and share my criteria for selection. It's about engaging me enough to come back for a second, third and more time. Sometimes that means great content, other times it's about the design and of course, the best blogs of