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Sugarlash cover pic

An Exciting Rebrand For Sugarlash

Courtney called us all the way from Edmonton, Canada to talk about an exciting new rebrand for her company Sugarlash. The company was created after setting up her own 'Lash Lounge' called Lash Affair and really struggled to find the right products for her clients. Courtney has sourced and worked with manufacturers to develop a full range from lashes to the adhesives and tools. Another passion for Courtney was the training side of the business and so as part of the service they provide they
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Brand Identity for Mrs Wright & Co

Introducing Mrs Wright & Co! We were given the lucky task of creating a brand identity for this new business and we had great fun with it. Mrs Wright & Co provide a service offering families the opportunity to invite and employ a full time Nanny & Housekeeper into their homes. Karina came in full of ideas and vision for the direction of the brand. It was up to us to take those inspirations and create something individual, cool and with the eclectic tone that Karina was so excited by. Mrs
Pink Blue & You Branding & Website

Branding & Website for Pink, Blue & You

Introducing the new Pink, Blue & You brand identity and website! Rachael Tapping (the proud owner) got in touch a few months back for us to develop her brand and website, and we think Chloe has created something stunning! Rachael creates beautiful, custom made photo art from your cherished images, introducing a colour palette to the picture that either compliments the photos, taps into the personality of the subject or just matches your home. With a fantastic eye for creating montages

Not Another Bill Gift

One lucky Flourish team member has just received their first gift from Not Another Bill! We blogged about this company a few weeks back, and the offer was too tempting! This months's gift is a collaboration between the Portuguese artist 'Pedro Da Costa Felgueiras' who works under the design name 'Saudade'. This boar-hair shaving brush is handmade in Portugal by craftsmen, and the custom paint design uses the signature teal green of Not Another Bill. Accompanied by some great little extras,
Partly Cloudy Cover Image

Partly Cloudy

With the weather as it is today we just thought it would be nice to share this! Grant Snider is a great illustrator and writer who creates strips and illustrations that have an individual style and get you thinking - check out his blog here! Illustration courtesy of Grand Snider    

A picture says 1000 words

Using a big photo for your website background is something that is becoming considerably popular and will certainly create a memorable experience for your visitor. When landing on the homepage these websites successfully create a feeling and communicate the ethos of the company in one dynamic image. This style of homepage will work beautifully across all platforms, so when viewed on a phone or tablet you don’t lose any of the power of the design. This approach to a web page background
wedding photographer blog design

Seven inspiring wedding & lifestyle photographer’s blogs

Glad to see that you found my first list of inspiring blogs useful. As a designer I always find looking at blog designs inspiring, and where better than a photographer's blog? All those gorgeous images to drool over! So here's my top seven. Matt Pereira, of course, how could I not put Matt's beautifully designed and photographed blog in my list? The wide column shows off the shots perfectly. And I love the textures and tones in the background that seem to complement his work so well. Jasmine
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Six gorgeous homely blogs for all things craft, decoration and food

In preparation for next week's blogging workshop with The Bookwright, Tom Evans, I'll be posting a series of some of my favourite blogs over the next few days. And first up, what better than some of my favourite hobbies: crafting, cooking and homemaking. I should come clean right now and share my criteria for selection. It's about engaging me enough to come back for a second, third and more time. Sometimes that means great content, other times it's about the design and of course, the best blogs of

Not using the back of your business card? You’re missing a trick!

Do you use the back of your business card? And I don't mean for writing notes on! I mean to inspire, to sell or to explain; to create impact, add intrigue or simply to appeal to your target audience. So many businesses miss out on this opportunity, and yet it doesn't actually cost very much more. For about £35 you can massively increase the impact of your business cards, just by putting something on the back. That something might be a photograph, block colour like in the example, a piece from