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Paper Art

Paper Art Good Enough to Eat

Have you ever seen paper look so appetising..?! Eaters is an annual food festival held in Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, Bandung, Indonesia. The theme last year was "Zakura no Shiizun" which translates from Japanese to Sakura Flower Season. This beautiful work was created by Ira Carella Wijaya who, inspired by the Japanese theme chose origami and papercraft as her main concept. Whilst Indonesia is a long way to go for a food festival, if the food served was half as good as the origami
Typography Poster

City Inspired Typographic Posters

To start the new year we have been looking at some great typography and stumbled across these great city inspired posters from Show Us Your Type. Collated by NEUE, the collection displays posters submitted by designers from across the globe. It's worth thing a look at the Tokyo section of the site that uses animated gifs to display their work. Some cities have distinctive landmarks and skylines whilst others are famed for their atmosphere and sensory experience and this has been demonstrated
Alderley Pilates Rebrand

Alderley Pilates Update: Holding Page

Before Christmas I posted about the exciting new brand identity for Alderley Pilates and I thought I'd give you an update on how their new collateral is unfolding! If you missed our first post about the brand identity journey then you can catch up here. Designer James has been creating some gorgeous designs the past week, including their new holding page and gift vouchers. And some fantastic news from Peter: "We have gained around 70 new clients and are having to add additional classes.