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Cavan cover pic

A Rebrand For Cavan Bakery

Cavan Bakery have been baking fresh bread, cakes and pastries for over 83 years and the business is now run by the third generation of the family.  They approached us recently to look at their brand and website which will eventually follow through into their 5 shops in Hampton Hill, Teddington and Hampton Their current brand has been around for years and it was time to take the leap, and to give it the refresh it deserves! Taking inspiration from Artisan Bakeries we wanted to create a sophisticated

What comes first? A website or a new logo?

When you're starting a business or revisiting your marketing, where do you start? With your website or with your logo design? When budgets are tight I can understand the logic behind starting with your website - websites can start generating you visible income immediately, they're an essential part of your marketing mix and if you can get the website right you can use the income generated to refine other areas of your marketing. However, if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, I think

Testimonials – cheap, easy, effective marketing

Can I share one of the most effective free marketing tools that every business has at their disposal? Testimonials. Happy clients are your best asset. Happy clients will sell for you harder than your best salesperson. They're genuine, impartial, and most importantly, they'll sell the benefits of your product or service from a client's perspective. You can use testimonials everywhere - on your website, your blog, your corporate brochures and your leaflets and postcards. They really do add a lot of

Is your homepage compelling enough to keep visitors on your site?

When people visit your website what do they see? A jumble of text? Lots and lots of information about your business? Or is there a compelling statement which reaffirms to your visitors why they've visited your site and how you can help them? Your website homepage is like the shop window to your online presence. If you can make your homepage attractive to your visitors, you can stop them bolting the site the minute they've arrived. (This is your bounce rate - the number of visitors that leave your

Are ‘about us’ pages a good or bad thing?

About Us pages are a bit of a controversy aren't they? Gone are the days when you 'had to have it'. Times have moved on and marketeers are recommending that you don't have an about us page on your website any more. Why? Because your website shouldn't be about you, it should be about your clients and the solutions that you can provide for them. Now I agree with this to a point. There is nothing worse than visiting a website full of we we we with no thought or feeling for the reader. But I categorically

How strong is your brand identity?

Do you send out consistent messages, or is your marketing material, well, a bit all over the place? To take the brand identity test try this exercise. Take a massive sheet of brown paper or old wallpaper. Gather together all your bits of marketing literature and stationery and stick them to the paper. Next, take photographs of your premises, your cars (if they're on show), your delivery boxes (if you have any) and anything else your customers might see and add them to the paper. Now print off a screen

A great lesson in how to give a business card with impact

What impression does your business card create when you hand it over to a new contact? Are people intrigued, impressed or just downright confused? Does your card create a positive, negative or neutral impression? I was talking on branding in Ascot last night at the CanDoCanBe Women's Network and at the end, as always, I invited the ladies to share their business cards with me. One stood out so much that I had to share it with you. Nichole of Pemberton handed me a very mysterious looking burgundy