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Pharrell Williams has just launched the worlds first 24 hour music video for his single 'Happy'. Shot around the streets of L.A, using a mix of footage from the public and Pharrell himself, the same song is sung (or mimed) over a 24 hour period. The song gets into your head (especially if you get hooked on the website like we did!) and the video has been beautifully shot. The design and concept of the website is stunning, and we can see why it's getting so much recognition! Concept &
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The Ultimate Self Promotion

We all know how hard it is to get noticed, and to get yourself in front of the people you would love to work with. Coming up with clever, and original ideas is something we are always looking at, but this one just stopped us in our tracks. With the new 3D printing technology available you are now able to produce realistic, mini me models of yourself and Jens Lennartsson has taken it to the next level. Jens commissioned 400 models of himself to be made for him to send out to his dream clients!

Not Another Bill

With Christmas just around the corner we're all putting our thinking caps on in the studio to find the perfect gift. We've been watching Not Another Bill for a while and whilst we love their website we think the products that they deliver to your door every month too good to miss! You can either select from different categories, including art, homewares and stationery, or they can surprise your lucky recipient each month with a beautifully wrapped box. From viewing past gifts they take great
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An invitation to remember

OK, OK, I can't resist it any longer! For those of you that don't know, I recently became a happily engaged lady. Nick and I were in New York for Christmas and he popped the question at sunset on Brooklyn Bridge. Utterly romantic, I know. And I said yes. Since then (as I'm sure most newly engaged ladies experience) I've become obsessed with The Wedding and despite it being a good 17 months away, I've pretty much planned everything from the style of the invitations to the pins going in the

Testimonials – how to use them to generate enquiries

We're all pretty familiar with the power of the testimonial aren't we? Testimonials give your marketing another, more powerful, more genuine voice and can really help sell your products or service. I think one area of the testimonial we overlook is the ability of testimonials to generate interest in your business from people who weren't actively looking to buy from you. Let me explain. Recently I've noticed something quite nice happening. If I receive great service from someone I make a point of

What is Low Cost Marketing?

Low Cost Marketing Means different things to different people. When I asked a group of ladies recently about their views on Low Cost Marketing we had lots of very different (and interesting responses), here are a few of them: "Spending as little money as possible" "Building up my own personal reputation" "Marketing through customer testimonials and recommendations" "Marketing my business without spending any money" Now my own view on Low Cost Marketing certainly encompasses some of these ideas, but