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combat x cover image

A Brand Identity For Combat X

On Monday we showcased Form and this is Jeremy's second venture - Combat X. We first met Jeremy through creating this brand identity for his outdoor training classes, which mixes cross training with mixed martial arts. Based around the parks of London, this hard (but achievable, so we've been told) class is aimed at the young men and women of London looking to take their training to a new level. Just as with Form they want to create a real buzz with Combat X and create a sense of community
Form cover image copy

A New Brand Identity For Form

Jeremy and his wife (and business partner) Elissa are two top freelance fitness professionals with a mission to provide elite and innovative fitness programs for their clients. Form has been set up as a two centre business, with venues opening up in Notting Hill and Kensington over the coming months. Their plans for the interiors for both studios are stunning and so all of our hard work had to fall in line with their vision! Jeremy & Elissa are incredibly passionate about what they do, they
A Thread & a Thought

Beautiful Logo Design & Branding for A Thread & A Thought

Jenny Adin-Christie is a specialist in embroidery offering private lessons for groups or individuals and commissioned fashion work, and her work is absolutely breathtaking. Her incredible whitework techniques opened up the chance to work as part of the RNS team last year, on the wedding dress for the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Oh yes, she's that good! With an existing, homespun brand style and an urge to take it to the next level, Jenny asked us to help her get there and

From the studio this week: Alderley Pilates

Peter approached us towards the end of October thoroughly excited by the idea of rebranding his already successful pilates business, Alderley Pilates, based up in Cheshire. With a big customer base and a fantastic offering, Alderley Pilates is doing many things right but their branding just isn't communicating that clearly enough. Added to this, Peter is keen to open up opportunities of attracting a younger market, without losing his already loyal and dedicated current customer base. So at
Typography Guildford

Introducing… the Mood Board for Inky Blue

Sara Dean is a business writer who who writes engaging words for companies. She works with companies like Diageo, Punter Southall and Customer Essential and brings clarity, structure and an engaging style to each project she works on. Sara has a strong background in corporate marketing communications but has recently chosen to specialise in the field of business writing - less ad copywriting and more internal communications, nevertheless Sara needed a brand identity that looked professional,

Phew! What a week…

One of the top ten rules of blogging is to never, ever apologise to your readers for your lack of a post. After all, it's pretty embarrassing to show those new readers who have never visited your little space on the internet the fact that you've been remiss in posting: people probably won't notice will they? But I know that many of you lovelies will have visited the Full Bloom blog over the past seven days and we've been a little mortified that we haven't shown you anything new ;-) So what are rules
what makes a great logo design

What makes a great logo?

Isn't it funny how inspiration strikes for a blog post? Creating great logo designs is the backbone of our business, and yet whilst it's something we do on a weekly basis, we don't often stop and break down what makes a great logo - not unless we have a new team member starting at least. But sometimes things just come together don't they, and you just feel inspired to write - do you find that? A few weeks back I read a great post on the Wolf Olins blog called What makes a better logo? in which

In the studio this week… 3 logo design concepts for Career Circus

I'm so thrilled to be able to share these designs with you for the Career Circus logo design and brand identity. Yesterday I shared the mood board with you and do you remember how Saffron wanted us to make it more fun and colourful? Well I'm delighted to say that we presented these concepts yesterday to a very happy Saffron. So boxes ticked for colourful, vibrant and engaging. Obviously there will be some nips and tucks along the way but here are our initial concepts. Concept one Fun, packed

In the studio this week… three logo designs for Gray’s Dairy

I do love a good old logo design and at Flourish we've been flat out over the past few months on some very exciting projects. Some we're allowed to talk about, some we're not, which makes it even more exciting for the days when we're allowed to spill the beans! But more on that another day... One of the projects that we've all absolutely loved working on this Summer is Gray's Dairy. I love the concept, love the clients and we all love the outcome and are super excited about designing the packaging