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Pepsi Shock

Brightening the Daily Commute

Whilst walking down the street in London the other day I passed one of these posters and just had to share! It wasn't so much the poster that caught my attention, but the the reactions of the people in the bus shelter - their reaction was not too dissimilar to those commuters in this video, you'll see why! Now I'm not sure this would be such a welcome distraction on my drive into work, but on any other form of transport it sure would make the early morning commute more interesting. I guess

In the studio this week… a new brand identity for an engineering firm

Now I know that we have a reputation for developing very engaging identities for companies that sell direct to consumers (b2c) but we do love to get our teeth into a business to business (b2b) project and I'm especially delighted to share with you the Holdfire re-brand that we've just delivered. We've been working with Mark Batt Rawden for the past four/five years now on various graphic design projects and I think Mark has been getting a little tired of me badgering him to let us create a

Powerful design: what’s the difference that makes the difference?

Powerful design enables you to connect with your ideal clients. It'll help you attract, engage and seduce them into buying from you or working with you, and of course, it's a wider thing than just design. It's about your powerful design fitting into a powerful brand strategy. Next week I'll be sharing with you how you can create a powerful brand strategy, but for now, let's think about powerful design, what makes good design into powerful design? How can you be sure that when you're working