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Not Another Bill Gift

One lucky Flourish team member has just received their first gift from Not Another Bill! We blogged about this company a few weeks back, and the offer was too tempting! This months's gift is a collaboration between the Portuguese artist 'Pedro Da Costa Felgueiras' who works under the design name 'Saudade'. This boar-hair shaving brush is handmade in Portugal by craftsmen, and the custom paint design uses the signature teal green of Not Another Bill. Accompanied by some great little extras,

Not Another Bill

With Christmas just around the corner we're all putting our thinking caps on in the studio to find the perfect gift. We've been watching Not Another Bill for a while and whilst we love their website we think the products that they deliver to your door every month too good to miss! You can either select from different categories, including art, homewares and stationery, or they can surprise your lucky recipient each month with a beautifully wrapped box. From viewing past gifts they take great
Amazon related products upsell widget powerful ecommerce

Powerful ecommerce: The power of related products

You don't need to be an ecommerce expert to know that related products helps you sell more stuff online. Amazon are often hailed as the trailblazers for related products, at least, the customers who come in and brief us on their ecommerce websites always ask for 'the "Customers who bought this also liked..." like Amazon have' widget! And below you'll see it in all it's glory... I have to be honest. I'd always seen this as a very neat upselling tool that was much more useful to the etailer

In the studio this week… A new ecommerce website design for Harvey Maria {part three}

Hurray! Something gorgeous to look at! This is Chloe's first draft for the eCommerce website design for Harvey Maria. What do you think? Remember the current website? Visually and structurally there was a lot to do. Make it feel more aspirational, easy to use and something that reflects our brand values and engages our target audience were just some of the elements of our brief from Harvey Maria. The new look is certainly much cleaner, more sophisticated and more engaging. I love
wireframe for harvey maria ecommerce website

In the studio this week… A new eCommerce website for Harvey Maria {part two}

Visually this post isn't going to be quite as exciting as the post that came before and the one that follows. But it's an important part of the eCommerce website journey and one that I think is important to share with you. The Wireframes Between every website brief and website design comes the planning and the wireframing. This is where we sketch out how the site will work, what bits need to go where and how the functional bits of the site will come together. In a simple brochure website this is
ecommerce website packaging

The biggest question you need to ask yourself about your ecommerce business

  It has never been cheaper to start an ecommerce business. Gone are the days where you need to spend hours learning HTML to build your own website - businesses like Shopify and Create mean that you can create an online shop from around £30 per month. Which is great news for cash-strapped startups - or is it? Getting your ecommerce website online only tells half the story. What's much more important is getting people to buy. And that means having the right product, at the right price,

Powerful ecommerce: Letting people find what they want: quickly, the BandQ inspiration

How easy is it for your customers to find what they are looking for? From a design perspective I'm not a fan of the giant navigational systems I've noticed many large retailers have been adopting to date. But from a usability perspective you just can't knock them. Let's take B&Q for example. It's not the prettiest navigation, but you have to admit, it works. 30,000 products split into 7 categories - all accessible with one click. I'm looking for paint? Common sense tells me it must

Powerful ecommerce: The Joules Success Story

Six years ago Joules was a niche equestrian retailer with just two shops. Fast forward to 2011 and they are an international multi-channel retailer with 32 shops and a booming wholesale business resulting in more than 500 concessions and outlets worldwide. From my own experience Joules have gone from the sort of business I looked at and though "nice skirt, I might buy that" (and then went and did something else) to a company that commands my attention and I shop with regularly. I love them

Powerful ecommerce: engaging your visitors

So just how do you create an ecommerce website that engages your visitors, really gets them to buy into your business and converts them into paying customers? For me it has to start with your brand. I'm not just talking about whether you have a smart logo in the top left hand corner of your website. I'm talking about your brand as a whole. Who you are, what you stand for and why your prospective customers should love your business. Then it's about your brand identity, of course it is. And

Powerful ecommerce: what response are you conditioning your clients for?

I'm a real sucker for a car boot sale. You see the thing is I love old, worn out stuff almost as much as I love a bargain. And I will happily haggle over something that's 50p because that's what you do. You see at a car boot sale you never pay full price, you get yourself a bargain, you feel good and you take something home that's going to be recycled. Everyone's happy. At the same time I have incredibly expensive tastes. I love Liberty - the shop, the brand, the prints, the fabric - the whole