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Vanessa Corrigan Rebrand

From the studio: Website Design for Vanessa Corrigan

Current Website Design Vanessa is an established Personal Stylist who specialises in helping women look and feel amazing! Her current website Image Studio doesn't convey the impression Vanessa now wants for her business so she approached us to take her branding and website to a new level; tapping into her ideal customer market, injecting more of her own warm personality into the brand and communicating Vannessa as an expert in her field. Here's a quick reminder of the vision board we

Here’s to 2013! Best wishes from us all at Flourish

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully the Christmas period has given you the chance to relax, unwind, recharge your batteries and distance yourself from your business (just for a little while at least) to launch yourself into this year with a plan of action? Well, if you're not quite there yet then hopefully this post will give you a little inspiration. ;-) Now that it's back to business in every sense of the word, it's so easy to fast allow ourselves to get wrapped up in the day to day activities

From the studio this week: Alderley Pilates

Peter approached us towards the end of October thoroughly excited by the idea of rebranding his already successful pilates business, Alderley Pilates, based up in Cheshire. With a big customer base and a fantastic offering, Alderley Pilates is doing many things right but their branding just isn't communicating that clearly enough. Added to this, Peter is keen to open up opportunities of attracting a younger market, without losing his already loyal and dedicated current customer base. So at