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Sugarlash cover pic

An Exciting Rebrand For Sugarlash

Courtney called us all the way from Edmonton, Canada to talk about an exciting new rebrand for her company Sugarlash. The company was created after setting up her own 'Lash Lounge' called Lash Affair and really struggled to find the right products for her clients. Courtney has sourced and worked with manufacturers to develop a full range from lashes to the adhesives and tools. Another passion for Courtney was the training side of the business and so as part of the service they provide they

Brand Identity for Breakaway Practice

During the summer, Scott contacted us from across the pond with some big ideas on where he wanted to take his branding for his well-established dental seminar practice in Texas. Through Breakaway Practice's powerful seminars, Scott has built up an incredibly well-known presence in his industry for helping new dental business owners refine their own company models. From improving profitability and productivity to tracking staff performance and building management infrastructures, Scott's expertise

A Rebrand & Website Design for Create Pilates, Wimbledon.

Jeannie Di Bon is an incredible instructor and owner of Create Pilates; an inspiring pilates business we recently re-branded since her decision to relocate to Wimbledon. Her previously established business, Creattiva Pilates, was based in Esher but seeing a great opportunity for more space, a location where pilates is in huge demand and a position where like minded, nutrition focused businesses trade together in one accessible sports centre, Jeannie took the plunge to move. The new approach for
Just Bespoke Logo

Brand Styling for Just Bespoke

We've worked with many wedding planners over the years and we absolutely adore creating brand identities for them! The subject is so engaging and emotional that whilst some might be daunted by the massive competition within this sector, we relish the challenge to create something truly different against the rest. Lisa Baker's flourishing business, Just Bespoke Wedding Planning, is no exception. Our initial meeting with Lisa was incredibly inspiring - she has amazing plans for her business,
Anna Bright Design

Brand styling & blog design for Anna Bright Designs

Knitwear designer Anna Bright approached us at the start of March, eager for us to address her current branding and blog design because it isn't sending out the right signals or visually reaching out to the right people. Anna designs beautiful knitwear patterns that she sells to both budding or experienced knitters; women keen to learn new styles and expand their knowledge of knitting techniques. Her love of all things knitted and gorgeous portfolio of work has enabled her to create steady
Animal Art Fair

A new website design & brand style for Animal Art Fair

When Animal Art Fair approached us last year to address their website design we naturally jumped at the chance of working with them. Their previous website lacked finesse and didn't show off the remarkable fine art on display to it's full potential, so whilst we all felt comfortable working with the same logo, the website and branding as a whole needed a good push into 2013. Here's how the old website looked last year... With so much happening, so many messages and so many directions to
Toadstool Parties

An enchanting website design for Toadstool Parties

We're refining a few little bits here and there but I couldn't wait, I had to show you the gorgeous design we've created for Toadstool Parties! Toadstool Parties are a team of young creative people who are passionate about creating imaginative and enchanting parties and events for children. Fronted by the lovely business owner Sarah Chamberlain who has a theatrical background, she's cherry-picked young individuals packed with energy, passion and a lot of patience to work with her towards
Vanessa Corrigan Rebrand

From the studio: Website Design for Vanessa Corrigan

Current Website Design Vanessa is an established Personal Stylist who specialises in helping women look and feel amazing! Her current website Image Studio doesn't convey the impression Vanessa now wants for her business so she approached us to take her branding and website to a new level; tapping into her ideal customer market, injecting more of her own warm personality into the brand and communicating Vannessa as an expert in her field. Here's a quick reminder of the vision board we

Here’s to 2013! Best wishes from us all at Flourish

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully the Christmas period has given you the chance to relax, unwind, recharge your batteries and distance yourself from your business (just for a little while at least) to launch yourself into this year with a plan of action? Well, if you're not quite there yet then hopefully this post will give you a little inspiration. ;-) Now that it's back to business in every sense of the word, it's so easy to fast allow ourselves to get wrapped up in the day to day activities
You Inspire Me Blog Design & Rebrand

Brand Styling & Blog Design for You Inspire Me

Corrina Gordon-Barnes approached us at the start of November with an already established and successful business, You Inspire Me, but realised she needed to visit her branding in a big way to really reach out to her existing customers more effectively, as well as open up new opportunities with other businesses. Most of our customers who are looking to rebrand their business tend to have three very important characteristics in common; an immense amount of passion in what they're doing, a serious