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The Ultimate Self Promotion

We all know how hard it is to get noticed, and to get yourself in front of the people you would love to work with. Coming up with clever, and original ideas is something we are always looking at, but this one just stopped us in our tracks. With the new 3D printing technology available you are now able to produce realistic, mini me models of yourself and Jens Lennartsson has taken it to the next level. Jens commissioned 400 models of himself to be made for him to send out to his dream clients!

What comes first? A website or a new logo?

When you're starting a business or revisiting your marketing, where do you start? With your website or with your logo design? When budgets are tight I can understand the logic behind starting with your website - websites can start generating you visible income immediately, they're an essential part of your marketing mix and if you can get the website right you can use the income generated to refine other areas of your marketing. However, if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, I think

Testimonials – cheap, easy, effective marketing

Can I share one of the most effective free marketing tools that every business has at their disposal? Testimonials. Happy clients are your best asset. Happy clients will sell for you harder than your best salesperson. They're genuine, impartial, and most importantly, they'll sell the benefits of your product or service from a client's perspective. You can use testimonials everywhere - on your website, your blog, your corporate brochures and your leaflets and postcards. They really do add a lot of

Is your homepage compelling enough to keep visitors on your site?

When people visit your website what do they see? A jumble of text? Lots and lots of information about your business? Or is there a compelling statement which reaffirms to your visitors why they've visited your site and how you can help them? Your website homepage is like the shop window to your online presence. If you can make your homepage attractive to your visitors, you can stop them bolting the site the minute they've arrived. (This is your bounce rate - the number of visitors that leave your