Branding Masterclass Round Up-2-3

The Branding Masterclass: “…probably the best thing I have done for my business in around 5 years”

Wow. We are almost at the end of my the Branding Masterclass and maaaaan has it been a journey! 42 inspirational entrepreneurs joined me for my very first online four week class into branding greatness.

We’ve had people from all walks of life and from all over the world, including Canada, France and New Zealand. Each student has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I’m really sad that it’s coming to an end.

When I’d first conceived of the class I’d hoped that a few pennies might drop, a few lightbulbs might ping and that we’d get some positive feedback at the end.

What I hadn’t prepared for was the overwhelming whoosh of enthusiasm and sheer hard work many of these students put in. It’s true but you absolutely get out what you put in don’t you? If you’re prepared to set time aside to work on your brand, what you can achieve in a really short space of time is truly inspirational and many of these students are already reaping the benefits of what we started working on back in February.

Here’s how a few students described the class

Business-transforming, brain-overloading, inspiring, confidence-boosting, hard work(!), amazing…

Emma McLaughlin, Kullakita Cards

…probably the best thing I have done for my business in around 5 years

For someone like me, who started the business by accident with few ‘business savvy’ skills, this course has been a complete eye-opener and source of focus and inspiration. Frankly, I see it as a must for anyone serious about their business.

Lisa Whitty, The Hay Experts

An online course to help you to clarify your brand, focussing on who your customer is and how you can convey your brand through good design of your logo and website.

Jo Norman, Daisyley


Having now written and delivered the first class I see that two very distinctive (but complementary) groups benefit from the masterclass. Firstly, the startups and “up our gamers”: the people who want to take their brand up a gear and need help and support in doing that. These people really benefitted from having a roadmap and inside information on how to create a powerful brand, even if they didn’t intend on implementing it themselves. As I’d hoped, knowledge really is power and these students really benefitted from help in getting focused on the message they wanted to send out as well as understanding what’s possible.

The second group, excitingly I hadn’t envisaged when I wrote the class, and they are the “DIY-ers”. These students really benefitted from the design tips and knowledge as well as the positioning and strategy bits. It’s interesting because whilst I firmly believe that you should use an experienced and creative designer for your branding (I would, wouldn’t I?) I do appreciate that some people want to do it themselves, and that some people simply have to do it themselves at the outset. And what I really loved about the class was that I was able to support those people and help them make smarter decisions. I hope that I’ve got them to think more carefully about the colour, font and creative choices that they make and focus in much more on why they’re doing what they’re doing and what signal that’s sending out.

Something I hadn’t planned on doing, but that just came naturally as we worked through the class, was the pep talks and inspirational phrases to encourage people to think differently. I’ve really enjoyed doing that and I hope to share more on the blog with you as I write throughout the year.

From the feedback that’s come through so far I’m thoroughly spurred on, inspired and so pleased that I did it. I’m really going to miss the lovely community of students we’ve built up over the past five weeks and I wish each and every one of you well.

Some of the feedback from class

This class was both relevant and vital to my business. My current site has been active for around four years; it is dated, badly constructed, part-completed and lacking so much. I have been struggling for the last year to find direction following a number of problems including past developer issues and also feel I had lost some of my own personal inspiration. The course has given focus, direction and inspiration – plus it has endorsed some of the things we already do (quite pleasing!). I have a clearer picture of where I want the business to be, plus I am less daunted about the steps I need to take to take the journey.

Lisa Whitty, The Hay Experts

 This course has been an amazing rollercoaster ride that I am incredibly glad I took. I feel incredibly focused on making Zoe & Drew a real brand, something worthy of being shouted about. There is so much still to do but armed with a folder full of each post in this class I know that I will be guided into making both small and big decisions over the next few weeks and for years to come.
Zoe Grant, Zoe and Drew
Sitting down and focussing on who my customer is and why they buy from me was a HUGE turning point. Having a visual reference point as to who I’m trying to attract has already had a big impact on my business as I completely changed a product which had an immediate effect on sales
Jo Norman, Daisyley
No pretentious talk, tons of down-to-earth, practical advice, very nicely laid out (use of pictures, slogans, colours). The structure and content of the weekly lessons… Loads of contributions from other attendees. Lovely atmosphere: plenty of positive messages and confidence building comments. Great pace: keeps you on your toes yet without pressure. Provides a road map for us to carry on.
Isabel Nieto

Good Luck!

Lots of luck for the future lovelies! And do keep me posted, I can’t wait to see how you transform your brands ;-)
Our next class takes place in May: do join us if you can won’t you?

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