The New Flourish Website is now LIVE!

Hurrah and phew! The refreshed Flourish website has been a long time coming but I am utterly delighted to now announce that it is live.

It has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get here, and quite a few late nights and pernickety creative meetings too, but I hope you’ll agree that the finished result is well and truly worth it.

The journey started back in January when teaching my Branding Masterclass students made me stop and think carefully about our own brand and how we’ve grown as a business. We worked with Bronwyn, our Brand Strategist on finding our focus and developing a strapline that perfectly sums us up, and Brand Stylists perfectly describes what we do. It’s all about creating an irresistible brand identity, logo design and then communicating that with flair, style and panache across all channels: from websites and blogs to your catalogues, brochures, blogs and direct mail pieces.

When I launched Flourish back in February 2010 we were in a very different place to where we are now. Launching Flourish felt like my business had grown up and it was exciting to be taken seriously as a design agency. We’ve really grown and developed over the last couple of years, and whilst we still have the same values I know that we’re much more confident in our abilities and we’ve certainly moulded the business into something that truly plays to our strengths.

I still love working with small businesses, and will always continue to do so. The creativity, fun and thrill of creating something gorgeous that we know will have a huge impact on the clients’ business never gets old and we don’t want to lose that. What I hope is that you’ll see that this really celebrates our distinctive and engaging design style that we’ve become known for, it’s about creating designs that help our clients stand apart from the crowd.

Creating a website that has the same approachability and quirkiness that you tell us you love about our current website whilst reflecting both how website design has moved on and how we’ve moved on hasn’t been without it’s challenges. It’s been incredibly frustrating, hard to see the wood for the trees and really demotivating at times when we’ve wondered how we manage to do this for everyone else so often but have found it so hard for ourselves!

I’m going to be inviting the team to share some of the journey to create this website – from banners that didn’t quite make it to conceptual twists and turns and everything along the way. We started to share a little of the progress back in February but ultimately it was just too painful at the time! We can now happily share it all with you warts and all. I hope you’ll find it interesting…

But don’t just take my word for it, take a trip over to the website and have a poke around for yourself!

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