Paul Humberstone Handpainted SIgnwriter Harrogate-4

Time to fix those cobblers shoes

We’re currently in the middle of trying to redesign the Flourish website and I can honestly say that it is a nightmare! For quite some time our own website design hasn’t reflected the level of work we’re doing for our clients. But here’s the challenge: creating something with the level of energy and approachability of our current site, with the level of design and creative flair we want: that’s hard. Really hard.

We’ve been working on it, on and off, for a couple of months now and whilst we’re definitely making progress, designing your own stuff is the hardest thing in the world isn’t it?

I’m going to start sharing a few snippets of it with you soon because we just need to get some stuff out of our heads! We’d love your thoughts and input too…

Introducing… The Brand Stylists

What we are incredibly excited about is our new strapline: Brand Stylists. I think it sums up what we do beautifully doesn’t it?

A stylist takes someone who needs help in presenting themselves, accentuates their best bits, waves a magic wand of marvellousness and transforms that person into someone that looks great and feels fabulous. I think that’s a pretty strong analogy for what we do, don’t you?

And of course, beautifully branded websites, printed literature and blogs are all part of the package, but it all comes back to the brand at all times. What do you think?

We’ve already installed our beautifully hand painted signs and next week the studio gets a makeover. Exciting times!

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