Toadstool Parties

An enchanting website design for Toadstool Parties

We’re refining a few little bits here and there but I couldn’t wait, I had to show you the gorgeous design we’ve created for Toadstool Parties!

Toadstool Parties are a team of young creative people who are passionate about creating imaginative and enchanting parties and events for children. Fronted by the lovely business owner Sarah Chamberlain who has a theatrical background, she’s cherry-picked young individuals packed with energy, passion and a lot of patience to work with her towards creating these magical events. From themed parties to Wedding creche, face-painting and crafts, Sarah and her team do everything you can imagine to give children fun and excitement with an educational undertone. It’s clear you’ll get the full works for whatever the occasion.

Here’s the old website design

Sarah has been itching to work with us for a while now and the feeling has been mutual! Her current website lacks impact and doesn’t communicate her most important business values: aspiration, excitement, ethics and education. Above all it isn’t reaching out to the customers Sarah wants the most so we’ve waved our magical Flourish wand over the design to get the children just as excited as the Mums about what Toadstool Parties can do for them.

Lucky enough to have a friend who illustrates, Sarah already had some stunning drawings in place for her branding but rather than allow these to dominate the design like they tend to on her current site, we wanted them to fit comfortably within the overall look and work naturally alongside everything else. With a logo that fits suitably well with the overall design, Sarah asked us to focus our creative energy on just the website for now and with stacks of fantastic photography as well (which isn’t getting the recognition it deserves on her current site) we’ve brought them to the forefront in a storybook fashion, all adding to the enchanting, imagination-provoking style.

The new website design

Sarah was keen to avoid intense pattern and rightly so. However she loved the idea of having a layered, textured feel to give the site tactility and a sense of being able to jump into a world of imagination. This has been a tricky balance to get right but we’re over the moon with the result and it has all the excitement and energy we’d originally planned without being overwhelming or difficult to navigate your way around.

We’d all love to hear what you think of the rebrand! :-)


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