What a year it’s been!

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? It’s difficult to believe a whole year has flown by since I began my journey with Flourish. I’ve met some wonderful clients, some great people and we’ve done some incredible work that we’re all really proud of.

Being part of the Flourish team has been a truly rewarding journey and as I get excited about the new year to come, I can’t help but look back over the past year and wonder ‘how on earth did we manage to cram that all in?’

A New Flourish Website


One of the first projects we embarked on at the start of the year was our new website. We knew what we wanted, we knew how to get it and we haven’t looked back since. It fills me with pride to say it’s received loads of admiration from new and existing clients and it enabled the whole team to put their stamp on the Flourish brand style.

And, like any website, it’s been an ongoing development that never ends and is constantly being nipped, tucked and tweaked where necessary. We’re currently working hard at refining the portfolio section so the user experience is even better and our photography and designs are being displayed in the best possible way. Keep your eyes peeled for that update to the site!

A New Flourish Blog


Not far behind the website project came our new blog and the decision to change the name. Much like the site, we knew exactly what we wanted and how we wanted it to look, but getting there wasn’t quite so straight forward. It was a collective decision to change the name so that we could start to build a stand alone personality for it that also demonstrated a smooth experience for people navigating from the site. Hats Off is the perfect platform for us to now proudly talk about our inspirations, achievements, live projects and movements in design trends. Again, we’re still working behind the scenes to continually improve our presence, look out for the changes coming soon.

Award Winning Agency


We have covered this one a lot recently, but we cannot emphasise quite how proud we are! Winning an award is the best feeling in the world for any designer or agency; to be truly recognised for all our hard work and knowing it’s been appreciated not only by the client, but by those in the industry too both nationally and internationally! We were so happy to discover we’d been voted Site of the Day – by Best CSS and CSS Winner.

Not only has our work been gaining recognition, our clients have been saying some really lovely things about us and singing our praises. Earlier this year we appeared inside the top 25 agencies in The Drum Digital Census 2013 thanks to recommendations and reviews made through Recommended Agency Register (RAR) by all of our satisfied clients.

The Beginnings of an International Agency

As a consequence of our new site and blog, we’ve had an influx in international interest which has propelled the Flourish brand to more far flung corners of the globe than it has ever been. We are working with multiple clients in the U.S. ranging from Texas to California, as well as clients all over Europe and beyond!

So I guess all I can say is a big thank you to everyone who has been involved in all of the success we’ve had this year. Everyone’s efforts have made the last year one to remember.

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