What’s in a colour? The colour psychology of blue

Blue is a sensible colour. I’m yet to meet someone who declares themselves head over heels with blue in the same way you’ll get the passionate enthusiasm for colours such as purple or pink – but perhaps you lovely readers will prove me wrong? And I guess that whilst if I think of blue I conjure up an image of school-uniform royal or navy blue (uninspiring? really?) there are numerous shades of blue – from the deepest, darkest petrol blue to the most delicate duck-egg. In fact I am seriously considering painting my kitchen a couple of different shades of blue so I really shouldn’t be so rude about it.

Blue is an intelligent colour, it’s logical, ordered, calm and efficient. It exudes coolness, serenity even and certainly creates trust. It’s a colour that’s soothing to the mind and can indicate clarity (a strongish blue) or calm and concentration on a lighter blue.

By now you’ll be realising that you can’t have the good without the bad… And blue is no different. Negatively blue can be perceived as aloof, cold, unfriendly, unemotional and conservative. The way to keep it in check is to ensure that you’re consistent in your palette and shapes. Remember, you need to start by defining the season your business falls into first and then selecting tones (not the other way round!).

Credits: Nest of Eggs and Easter Twigs: Martha Stewart (sorry but I love her stuff!); Bathroom: Channel4; Kitchen sink: Fired Earth; Library: Capacious hold all; Bluebird business card: business card gallery

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