What’s in a season? The Summer colour personality

summer colour psychology personality mood board pink vintage wedding mood board

As the temperature hots up in Summer so the colours fade, the afternoons are hazy and the light and natural world becomes altogether more delicate and muted. Forget the neon brights you might associate with beach holidays: the Summer colour personality is romantic, graceful, elegant and aspirational. Summer businesses are efficient, productive and well organised. They make wonderful administrators, charity workers, therapists as well as professionals thanks to their fastidious attention to detail and precison. Romantic and upmarket industries – especially those with some creativity such as jewellery design, interior design and the wedding industry are also very typically Summer personalities.

Given their delicate looks and understated manner it’s easy to mistake Summer people as being easy to walk all over: don’t be fooled! They know their own minds and are much more resillient than you give them credit for.

The upmarket, muted tones of Summer are ideal for businesses looking to create a soft, aspirational look: lots of Farrow and Ball colours are Summer: muted, light, cool and delicate. As well as the soft, muted light colours you also see navy’s, darker greens and reds, but they will be the lighter, delicate tones.

web design for natalia barbour guildford

Guildford-based Interior Designer Natalia Barbour’s website and brand identity is very typical of the Summer personality. Graceful, flowing lines, muted, delicate shades and a sense of balance and proportion. This brand sets the tone for Natalia’s elegant and upmarket style of both interior design and her approach to her customers.

Negatively Summer personalities can be seen as standoffish, even aloof and sometimes very formal. They can sometimes seem to lack spontaneity and seldom show their emotions, but are very supportive, sensitive to others feelings and have a strong sense of responsibility.

I love the calm glamour of the Summer personality: the understated chic, the seemingly effortless style and the way that everything is just so. It’s perhaps because I personally am so far removed from the Summer personality that I find it so compelling, but I do find it very, very aspirational. How about you? Are you recognising your business in any of these personalities yet?

Credits: Vintage teacups: Ruby with Roses; Shoe biscuits: Peggy Porschen; Pearl and diamante earrings: Yarwood-White; Music sheet cones: Kat Rendall; Shoes: Emmy; Tablecentre: Style Me Pretty; Candle: Jo Malone

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