Why does most copy fail to pull the response it should?

Leaflets or website not bringing you in enough business?
Don’t be too quick to blame the design. It’s just as likely to be what and how
you’re saying what you’re saying! Here’s my list of the top 7 clangers most
businesses make when creating copy and how to avoid making the same mistake

  1. It’s
    your leaflets or website
    might be repetitive, full of jargon or just plain dull. Whatever the root
    cause, the reader just switches off and you lose out. Write with passion,
    style and energy!
  2. Because
    it doesn’t ask for a response.
    If you
    write to let your customers know about something: a new product or service
    you’re offering, then the chances are they’ll take on board what you’ve
    told them. And take no action. Why? Because you haven’t asked them to do
    anything! Send people a letter to tell them you’re now offering
    ‘threading’ and you’ll get very little response. Send them a letter asking
    them to book a threading appointment before the end of the month to get
    something free/ half price and you’ll see your response rate skyrocket.
    Why? Because you’ve been clear about what you want.
  3. It’s
    too short.
    I’m not advocating reams
    and reams of text, but the bottom line is that there are certain steps you
    need to walk your reader through if you want to sell to them. You wouldn’t
    sell someone a diamond necklace just by waving it under someone’s nose
    without saying anything would you? Use AIDCA to mirror the face to face
    sales process and get a better response.
  4. Because
    it goes in the bin before you’ve had a chance to sell
    . Whether you’re writing for your website or a
    leaflet, your headline is absolutely key. You need to grab attention,
    build rapport and make sure your reader reads on. All in one sentence.
  5. It’s
    Your customers don’t
    want to know about how brilliant you are: they’re busy people. They’ll
    switch off and do nothing if you don’t grab ‘em by the balls. Your
    customers want to know how your brilliant product or service will solve a
    problem they have. Think solutions
    to problems!
  6. It
    fails to build trust.
    So often the
    reader is left thinking: it’s a nice idea but how can I be sure I’m not
    making a mistake? Reassure people with testimonials and money back
  7. It
    leaves people thinking: ‘so what?’
    Powerful copy leaves people wanting your product or service. Sometimes
    you’ll do that with a fabulous discount, other times with a compelling
    reason to buy, like the fact that writing powerfully will bring you in
    thousands of pounds more in revenue. Or perhaps the reverse psychology,
    that not writing your sales copy properly is losing you thousands of
    pounds in revenue! Whatever technique you use, be sure to really make
    people want your product or service.

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