Will you help Isabel Nieto pick a name for her business?

Isabel Nieto is one of my students from the Branding Masterclass and we’re delighted to be creating her a brand new website and brand identity. But in the meantime we need your help! Isabel has some fabulous ideas for a name, and we’d love your help in whittling them down to one.

Isabel is setting up a business that helps thrusting alpha males get that job they want abroad.

Ok, so that’s not quite how we’ll put it in the sales literature, but she’s targettng a very ambitious (likely male dominated) market of career minded individuals ready to go for that big promotion abroad. Isabel’s experience of working in the City as a high flying executive will help these candidates present themselves more effectively. She’ll work with them on their CV and job applications right through to the interview process and presenting yourself well. Her USP if you like, is that she understands how to present yourself cross-culturally, and that’s important to these executives who may be great at the job, but may be missing opportunities because they’re not presenting themselves appropriately.

Here’s the shortlist:

Curriculum Victorious

This name plays on the idea of Curriculum Vitae but has a very direct resonance with the type of audience Isabel has in mind. Downside: it’s long to say and to spell. Alternatives: Curriculum Victor or Curriculum Vital.


From the word essential, and I like the idea that the cv is meant to distil the essence of who one is, in terms of experience, skills, knowledge etc.  What’s really valuable, in 2 pages, the essence. Alternative: Essencialis.

Alterum cvs

From the word another this word certainly has plenty of gravitas doesn’t it?

Electus cvs

Chosen for the job: a very positive phrase again with the gravitas this audience should respond to.

Exhibeo cvs

From the word to display >> “Display your skills”

Materia Prima

Raw material >> “Your skills for the job”

Novitas cvs

New, novelty >> “New cv, new job”


From the latin suitable person for the job


More latin: we will add… value to your cv


Contest and nice play on CV potentially?

So bearing in mind the target audience (Winter for you colour psychology buffs) which name do you think would work best for Isabel’s audience?

 Over to you…

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Guildford, Surrey, GU2 4BE